Flood Relief

flood buckets 005The Lutheran Church of Dunnellon Florida donated 10 Disaster Response Buckets to the Florida Relief.

By sunshinecharlie22

Adult Bible Study


Peace Offers Bible Study Peace Lutheran Church offers several opportunities for adult Bible study. A new class in Basic Christianity, “What’s It All About?” will start on Thursday evening’ August 14′ at 6pm. The public is invited. Have you ever wondered,” Why do Christians say/ do…,” or “Does God say anything about…” This is a place to learn about the basics of Christianity with no obligation and no class fee. Another Bible Study group meets each Wednesday morning at 10am. This group will be starting a new study on Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon on August 13. The Sunday morning Bible Study, prior to worship service, at 9am. on September 8. Subject to be announced. The community is invited to attend any or all, of these classes.

By sunshinecharlie22